About Us


The Neighbourhood Housing Society (NHS) is a registered non-profit charitable organization that provides affordable housing options for low-income people living in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside (DTES).  We manage 3 social housing apartment complexes within the community that provide independent living for 180 residents:


Bruce Eriksen Place:

NHS's first project was named after five term Vancouver City Councilor Bruce Eriksen and is located at 380 Main Street.  Completed in summer of 1998, the building contains 35 apartments and is at 100% occupancy.



Located at 40 East Hastings Street, this building contains 84 apartments and is at 100% occupancy.


Bridget Moran:

Located at 668 Powell Street, this building contains 61 apartments and is at 100% occupancy.



The Society was incorporated on June 12, 1996.  The founding directors were individuals that lived in the DTES area that came together with a common vision of creating social housing through a multi-faceted approach to community development.  With local knowledge about the community, NHS knew that many future tenants would be facing social barriers due to poverty and mental illness.  The idea was not just to provide a place to live, but to also incorporate access to services such as pre-employment training, banking, and job placement.  Bruce Eriksen Place was the manifestation of these efforts.


NHS has also participated in and conducted several research projects focused on health and housing in the DTES, and Hidden Homeless within the Metro Vancouver area.  Through this research we hope to help educate by contributing to the body of knowledge surrounding these issues.  This research was done in partnership with other community organizations: Human Resource and Development Canada, BC Housing, Tenants' Resource Advisory Centre (TRAC), Simon Fraser University, and City of Vancouver.


Today, the Society holds monthly meetings with the Board which still contains many of the founding Directors.  Through this, we maintain our focus of helping to improve the quality of life of inner-city residents.  We affirm the importance of continuing to operate as a fully charitable organization though the support of our donors.  Together we can lease, own, construct, renovate, maintain, and manage real property for developing the human and physical resources of the downtown Vancouver community.